What is Second State?

WebAssembly for cloud services

Second State builds the next generation open source “operating system” for the cloud and the decentralized web. The Second State Virtual Machine (SSVM) is a WebAssembly runtime optimized for server-side applications. It works seamlessly with existing application frameworks, such as Node.js, but provides a secure and lightweight runtime at native performance. It is a managed alternative to native code, and is ideal for building AI and big data microservices. Check out why you want to use WebAssembly on the server-side.

Node.js and Rust developers get started here! Create high performance Rust + JavaScript hybrid apps in Node.js.

The SSVM also powers decentralized applications as the execution engine for leading public blockchains, such as Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot / Web3, Oasis, and CyberMiles. If you are interested in our blockchain-related technologies, check out here.

Second State is a Venture Capital backed startup with offices in USA, Taiwan, China, and Australia.